What Up Tokyo

First day in Tokyo, and i cannot believe how easy it to get around using public transport! Managed to get from the airport to the hotel soo easily, which surprised me, with the only hiccup being finding out if i needed a ticket to get on the JR Yamanato line train or not. Totally forgot to get a PASMO card at the airport!

This city is spotless, not a piece of trash anywhere, even before they let us onto the NEX train it was cleaned and it still managed to leave right on time. Something that would never happen in Melbourne.

The trains arrive at the stations at the times they say they will, and so often you don’t even have to worry about planning much, except for the stations you get off at and transfer too, especially if you don’t have a time schedule, and its so easy to navigate and get around!

After refreshing at the hotel, went to the temple and market district of Asakusa with the room mate (good bloke), after our plans to visit the Tokyo Sky Tower failed due to a long wait time. It was a good district to visit for our first taste of Japan i think, showing a lil bit of everything, and really got me excited to visit some of the other districts. Walking around is also great fun, especially if you manage to navigate thru some of the side street.

Tomorrow starts the study tour, which will defiantly be different experience to being a tourist, and we will get to see somethings you usually wouldn’t get to visit. Today however gets me excited to the 2 days after the tour i get to myself to explore the city!

Catch ya on the flipside



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