Day 1: thats a nice Temple you have there

Today was the start of the study tour, it didn’t officially start till 12, so me and the roomie went for a nice stroll around the Shiba area. This included a visit to the Zojiji temple, which is about 200 meters up the road from the hotel and a walk around the Shimbashi area.

The Shimbashi area had a much more local feeling to the areas previously visited, and had a different vibe to the whole place. It was good to see how the locals like to do things.

At 12 we met up with the study group and jumped on a train to Harajuku, here we visited Meiji Temple, Takashita street and Omotesando street.

Visiting so many temples kind of reminds you that this city is old, something you forget quite easily when you think of Japan being ultra modern and full of the most up-to-date technology.

Takashita and Omotesando were bustling with people, some of the busiest areas i have been to this trip. Takashita is popular with local teenagers, and was good to not see the place packed full of one direction merchandise. Walking around the side streets we managed to find some pretty entertaining shops containing Anime figurines, but for an area supposedly full of “cosplayers” on a sunday, it was very bare, to my disappointment.

Still it was a good day, finally got the official study tour underway, and ready for a jam packed week next week!



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