Day 2: “We are all here, lets go get lunch”

Today started at 9 am, after getting my typical Starbucks coffee, one of the few places that doesn’t use instant or drip coffee, we met the group in the lobby and started the day by heading to the imperial palace and walking around the area surrounding Tokyo station. It still amazes me that such a rich cultural area can be so close to the centre of business.

Unfortunately the royal family sill lives in the imperial palace so it is off limits to tourists but we still managed to get some good photos. The area around Tokyo station reminded me of downtown New York with its business buildings and high rises and was nice to walk around and visit.

After this we jumped on a train headed for Tokyo University, located just outside the main tourist area of Tokyo. Tokyo University is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan and it showed, the campus reminded me of a much larger Melbourne university.

After a nice lunch meeting with some local physics students, we visited two research labs and got an understanding of what went down at the university. It was easy to see why this university is one of the most prestigious with both labs being decked out with up to two or three of the latest pieces of equipment.

Ended the day having a nice dinner and drinks with the study group..

Todays visit has me excited to visit the AIST facilities and start the nanotech exhibition.

Peace Out till tomorrow.


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