Day 6: “Mitsubishi Booth Babes”

Today saw as spending a whole day at the nano tech expo, after the first couple of days we had pretty much seen it all, and it was good to go back and spend a bit more time at the booths we were most interested in and find out a little bit more of what they had to offer.

We also realised we had access to the other two expos at the convention centre, the Energy expo and the Heating, Cooling and Vacuum expo. As it was my first experience with a trade fair it was an interesting experience, and we quickly realised that, just like at the nano tech expo, every booth was trying to sell us something. It was very different however to what was on offer at the nanotech expo, and some of the research going on at the Energy Expo was very interesting.

The Victorian Government also had lecture series today, and it was interesting to hear about what some of the representatives from Deakin Uni and the Synchrotron had to say about there current research directions.

The day ended with a small dinner and drinks gathering organised by the Victorian government, this also signified the end of the nanotour, it was overall a very fun and insightful experience that i would recommend to any future students, and offered alot of insight and information to what is available and out there for current students outside of Melbourne.

With a couple of days left in Tokyo it will be fun to explore and do some touristy stuff.

Catch you on the flip side

PS: TEFT you pulled it off amazingly, show us more!


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