Not really the end, but that’s a wrap

This trip has been amazing. I have met people and found oppurtunities that I could never have thought possible. I think we have all been incredibly lucky.

Whilst I till have 10 more days in Japan, the Nanotech tour side of things is all finished. It was an insanely busy week but one I enjoyed immensely.There is still an incredible amount of work that we all have to do but I knew coming into this tour it would be a challenge.

The best part of this trip was easily me setting up my project for next year with NIMS. In all honesty, this is probably the single most important thing thhat has happened in my studying life. Can’t wait until next year now.

As for my thoughts on Japan, I pretty much knew everything to expect when coming here, one of the perks of studying the language for so many years. I am just glad I had a chance to improve my skills.

Well, I think now it is time I enjoyed my holiday. Thanks for reading 🙂


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