Japan, its been swell!

Sitting here in the airport, after 9 days in Tokyo, and i don’t want to leave. The trip and been so much fun, exciting and interesting. Getting to travel around Tokyo, and see all it has to offer blew me away, the city is just so big, and so diverse.

The study tour offered an insight into both study and work overseas, had has been interesting nearly every step of the way. Visiting the facilities at Tokyo Uni and AIST was an amazing opportunity, and taught me so much, and hopefully showing a glimpse of what universities in Australia can became.

The nanoTech expo was another highlight, providing a wealth of information into the business and research side of the nano-tech industry as a whole.

I highly recommend the tour to any future students, and hope the current group had as much fun as me, and if they take anything away i hope its the difference between timber and wood.

Looking forward to getting home, and looking forward even more to coming back and exploring this country even more in the future.

See you all in Melbourne

PS: Last shout out TEFT, cant believe you can read minds. Stay away from level 4 and above.


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