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Nearly There

So close, cant come quick enough.

In just over 3 days I land in Japan and i couldn’t be more excited, and just a little bit scared, never travelled by myself.

I have never been to Japan, but have heard only good things, and it has always been right up there with one of the places i want to visit. I’m already getting the feeling that it will be amazing and already planning my trip back in the back of my mind, as i get the feeling i want have stayed long enough.

This study tour will defiantly be eye opening, usually when people travel they only get to see the culture on the surface (the clothing, the buildings, the people), this study tour however will give us an insight into the business and study culture of another country, something very few people get to see. Japanese business culture is much more formal then other places, and although we have heard so much about it, will most likely come as a surprise to us.

Starting the packing soon, the thought of packing a suit and shirt is very strange to me, never had to travel with a suit before, hopefully the first and not last new experience this trip has in offer for me.

Japan Bound