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The Final Day

Unfortunately, today marked the final day of the study tour. The whole day was spent at the exhibition location, the Tokyo Big Sight. First we wandered around the Nanotech 2014 exhibition again, before heading to the neighbouring hall to explore the Smart Energy Japan 2014 exhibition that was occuring at the same time. It contained a lot of interesting power saving devices, including some flashy electric cars. It was a nice change to look at some different types of technology than the last two days.

At 2, our Victorian representatives at the expo gave a series of presentations, outlining some of their recent research. After the presentations were finished, we returned to the Victorian Government Business Office booth. Richard and I helped out a little by giving away some of the free merchandise and brochures to passing patrons. It was a valuable experience as we got to speak to people with a wide range of professions.

Soon after the expo ended, we along with everyone involved with the Victorian booth attended a reception, along a few special guests. It was a great chance to network and have some lighthearted conversations.

And with the reception finished, the study tour was over. I had an amazing time in Japan with everyone, and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot and gained some vital international business experience.


Day 6

Today was the last day of the study tour. We spent the day at the expo, looking at the last few booths that we hadn’t seen. We also explored the adjacent Heater, Air Conditioning and Vacuum expo, which hosted an array of respective technologies. There was also a short series of lectures from the Victorian representatives, outlining some of the research they are doing.

Day 6: The Last Stand

Well, it is all over. The last day of the 2014 Nanotech tour.

Today was a full day at the exhibition. I went early to a presentation by my new contact at NIMS about his work on nanofibre mesh as a treatment for cancer. His passion was incredible and was happy to sit down and have a brief interview with me in Japanese. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him about this and can’t wait to do some work with him next year.

The Victorian presentation was a great experience. Most of us were surprised at how good the turnout to the presentation was. Always a pleasant surprise when people are interested in your country. Massive credit to each of the presenters.

I was able to have a good walk through the Smart Energy Expo which was run in conjunction with the Nanotech exhibition. Was certainly a different experience all together. Here is an adorable photo of me with a polar bear


The day finished with a wonderful little reception for all the Victorian representatives and a few special guests. It was a great way to round off the trip with some wonderful food and company. One last chance to network before we concluded for the week.

Now, time to enjoy my next 10 days of holidays 🙂

The Fifth Day: Aussie Embassy and return to Expo

Today we had a much better starting time of 8.20 am. First we visited the Australian Embassy, where gaining entrance was much like going through customs at the airport. We had to present our passports and go through a metal detector. Once we got in, we were given a presentation outlining the importance of Japan to the Australian economy, particularly in the field of education. I was surprised to learn that education was Victoria’s fourth largest export in terms of the revenue it brings to the state. We then had a photo opportunity in the back garden of the embassy before we left.


After our visit to the embassy was over, we made our way to the Tokyo Big Sight once again to attend the Nanotechnology 2014 Exhibition.

Initially, everyone split up to explore the venue by themselves. Daniel and I went to get lunch, and then went to the Oxfords Instruments booth to interview a representative for the Hysitron company. This company manufactures and operates nanomechanical test instruments, which I though was pretty interesting.

We met up with Richard after that, and then found a large company to have an interview with. We ended up talking to some representatives from Bruker, who explained to us their most popular product in Japan, the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). They also explained their most recent development, an AFM with Raman analysis capabilities, which was the highlight of the day.

After that, we attended some seminars by German companies and institutes, which included topics such as organic compound purification, metal nano-inks, and organic electronics. Some of these presentations were particularly interesting, though I enjoyed the nano-ink talk the most.

The exhibition finished at 5, and we were then treated to a networking dinner. This was a nice, relaxing way to end the day, where we got to talk to people from many different countries and witness a traditional ceremony of breaking barrels of sake.

It was a very productive day, getting some company interviews and other tasks completed. Looking forward to having a more relaxed day at the exhibition tomorrow to really take in the surroundings.

Day 5: How does one find a good conversation starter?

This was easily one of the most informative days we have had on this tour. Personally, I found our morning visit to the Australian Embassy to be one that yielded a lot of important information for me. While it was only a short visit, it was certainly a positive one. It was a shame we didn’t get to visit during the time when the cherry blossoms in the main garden are in full bloom.

Returning to the expo today meant a major change in my attack plan. Yesterday was more of just a random walk around and get the feel of the place. Today, we were on a mission.

I set out my seminars I wanted to attend, I found the booths I wanted to visit. It was a very productive day.

The German seminars on Organic Nano products stretched across a wide range of applications and models but they were all very enjoyable and informative. Patrick, Daniel and I headed to BrĂĽker to have a discussion with them about their AFM machines to begin our large company case study. They were really helpful with explaining not only their products but also why the company was there and what directions they were looking at heading towards.

The day finished with an amazing reception for all the exhibitors. This was a perfect chance to network on a slightly more casual basis and I found it much easier to be able to start a conversation with some of the other country representatives. I thoroughly enjoyed my chats with representatives from Iran and Spain and will be continuing those conversations tomorrow for certain.

Another full day at the expo tomorrow so for now it is time to begin planning my day.

The Fourth Day: AIST and the Expo

Today we woke up much too early in the morning in order to travel to the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Tsukuba.

When we arrived, we were given a presentation introducing us to AIST, before Paul gave a presentation on the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF). We also viewed presentations that introduced the AIST Nano Processing Facility and the concept of a Positron Probe Microanalyzer (PPMA). After that, we were taken to view the fabrication clean room, but we weren’t allowed to enter it. Even still, it was good to see the work they were carrying out there. Finally, we were taken to see the incredibly cool PPMA instrument, which was the highlight of the morning. Though it was a short visit, it was a privilege getting to see the labs at AIST.

After we left AIST, we went to the Nanotechnology exhibition at the Tokyo Big Sight, the main event of the tour. When we first got there, we found where our home base (the Victorian Government Office booth) was, before heading off for a late lunch. When we returned to the expo, we split up so that each of us could explore the floor and cover more ground. I walked around for a while, taking in all the sights, and collecting brochures for the interesting displays. There was no shortage of neat demonstrations and advanced tech on display, just as I had hoped. At 4 pm, we attended a presentation by the Italian Trade Agency, outlining the state of nanotechnology research in Italy. It was interesting to see yet another country’s perspective on the topic.

Overall, it was an exciting introduction to the exhibition. Looking forward to returning tomorrow to explore some of the booths in more detail, and talk with some of the companies.

Day 4: Big Buildings, Big Booths

6am start this morning… That about sums up how I felt about it too. But, it was actually well and truly worth it.

The trip out to Tsukuba was slightly longer that we had done so far on this trip but we knew we had the AIST research facility waiting for us. They were so welcoming. I was very impressed. After a few introductory presentations we were taken past one of their Clean Room facilities contained a vast array of top of the range equipment. We were then lead through an explanatory tour of the Positron Micro Probe lab which was an immensely impressive facility. Sadly I cannot share photos of it because of security reasons.

However I can share a photo of this commemorative tree outside the building.


Following this wonderful tour we headed down to Tokyo Big Sight for the beginnings of the 2014 Nanotechnology Exhibition.

What a wonderful day. The expo was incredibly busy. Lots and lots for use to see over the next few days. Looking forward to seeing a few more seminars and conversing with more researchers about what they are spending their time working on. Will definitely be heading over to the NIMS booth again tomorrow to continue discussions about a potential research project for myself.

Plenty of exciting times ahead